A message from Dr Glenn Maginness

"This simple 8 step procedure is one I have used for many years in practice. As a chiropractor with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics, I understand the value of a thorough physical examination. I also acknowledge the importance of time efficient procedures. My 8 step examination procedure covers off both of these important aspects of practice. I encourage you to download the procedure and utilise it in your own practice."

Learn how to expertly examine an infant in under 10 minutes with this simple 8 step procedure!

Australian Paediatric Chiropractor shares his 34+ years experience

Learn this simple procedure so you can start managing infants with certainty and confidence, allowing your paediatric practice to grow faster and easier than you have ever thought possible!

This easy to learn, totally professional and extremely thorough examination procedure will allow you to effortlessly see MORE infants and children in practice.

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