Extended Access – Unit 02: The Initial Consultation

This month we will explore that absolutely essential component to building a busy and successful family wellness practice – The Child’s First Visit.

We will discuss the specific and very important initial procedures and protocols involved in the child’s very first visit to your practice.
This will include:

  • The first contact with the parents
  • The patient case history form
  • The essential pre-consultation procedures
  • Greeting the parents
  • As well as the taking of the patient history

The clinical value of a comprehensive patient history and thorough physical examination must never be underestimated. However, an initial consultation with the child is far more than just a clinical experience and an information-gathering process. Your ability to connect with the patient and the parents, plays a significant role in the outcome you may achieve with your paediatric patient. Throughout this consultation, you should never lose sight of the fact that this is your opportunity to educate a parent or a family about the role chiropractic can play in their child’s and their family’s health.

What’s coming up next month?

Next month, we will comprehensively cover off the Paediatric Red Flags and those paediatric conditions not to be missed in practice. This unit will give you the confidence and certainty to safely manage and adjust infants and children. This is a content heavy unit, but one not to be missed.


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