Extended Access – Unit 04: Neurological and Orthopaedic Examination of the Infant

As promised, this month we unpack in detail the Neurological and Orthopaedic examination of the infant. An efficient and comprehensive examination of the baby is not only achievable but also essential in any practice that sees children as patients. Although Neurological, Orthopaedic, Cranial and Spinal examinations are discussed separately within this program, our examination procedure for babies does not necessarily follow this rigid, structured approach, where we first perform a neurological examination, followed by an orthopaedic, followed by a cranial, then spinal examination. The system we use incorporates all aspects of the four listed clinically essential areas, performed in a manner where the emphasis is on collecting all the required information in a simple, fluid and time-efficient fashion.

Following a detailed discussion of each of these examinations, the actual clinical examination of an infant will then be presented in coming months as one simple, structured examination procedure for the baby.

What’s coming up next month?

Next month, we build on the infant examination procedures we covered here and delve into the Spinal Examination of the Infant. Next month is also a unit to get excited about! Again, numerous videos and demonstrations of real life adjustments are presented, allowing you view over and over, to help you gain that paediatric confidence and certainty you need in practice.


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