Extended Access – Unit 06: 8 Step 10 Minute Infant Examination

This is a really exciting month of content we have for you. In this unit we combine all of the examination procedures that we have discussed, into one smooth, comprehensive step-by-step procedure. This system is the one that we use in practice, and it incorporates all aspects of clinically essential areas, performed in a manner where the emphasis is on collecting all the required information in a simple, fluid and time-efficient fashion. The information presented, and the skills demonstrated, will take your paediatric patient management to a new level. So get excited!

What’s coming up next month?

Next month we will be going through an essential aspect of chiropractic paediatric practice – the neurological examination of the older child. We will also be looking at the management of ear infections in the infant and the essential role you can play. Plus the research, lots more videos and case studies. So lots to look forward to again!


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