Extended Access – Unit 09: Spinal Adjustments of the Infant: Lumbopelvic

This month is devoted to that aspect of practice that is fundamental to what we do as chiropractors – the adjustment of the child. We explore the correct technique selection with the paediatric patient, as well as precise technique execution, and we also ask the very important question… ‘what is the ideal level of force you should apply with your paediatric chiropractic adjustment’?
Our case study this month carries a very important message, whether you are a student, new grad., or an experienced chiropractor. We relate the story of a 10 year old child with chronic lower back pain.

The bonus content this month covers the Chiropractic Workshop, plus we have the research discussion and the FAQ video.

What’s coming up next month?

Next month we look at what you do when a child presents to your practice with a fever.

In the research section we look at the improvement in behaviour and attention in a 7-year-old girl with ADHD.

We also begin to explore the adjustment of the infant with a glimpse into the cervical and thoracic adjustment options that you have.

So lots covered again, and loads to look forward to.


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