Extended Access – Unit 12: Spinal Adjustments of the Older Child: Thoracic and Cervical

This month, in our very last unit of Paediatrics 101, we will conclude the deep dive into adjusting the child with a look into the adjusting of the toddler, focussing specifically on the cervical and thoracic regions.

The research section will explore a couple of paediatric patients who fall into that category which used to be known as ‘failure to thrive’ infants, but is now referred to as ‘faltering growth’.

The case study is a fascinating discussion of a three-month-old, terribly distressed infant, suffering with KISS, (Kinematic Imbalance due to Sub-occipital Strain). We explored in a previous unit the question ‘Are you too scared to adjust a child?’  Well this is a case which highlights this very issue. This is a case that shines the spotlight on the fact that to not provide the care that that child needs is potentially doing a disservice to that child. As you will learn, this case study emphasises the importance of always doing everything you can to achieve the very best clinical outcome possible for that child.

The FAQ section is again packed full of great information for you, and to close out the bonus content, this final months bonus material briefly explores the concept of ‘Lifetime Wellness Care’. With the help of four short videos, we offer a very short discussion on a few ideas you may wish to try that may help you to create that ‘Lifetime Wellness Family’.

All of us at Elevate Paediatrics are excited to bring you this final month of amazing content for you.