Module 1 Examination of the Child

In module one of this program the child’s first visit is explored using a series of videos. The topics explored, comprehensively walk the new graduate through a step by step process involving that first visit for the child. This will ensure that you approach every new patient consultation, with any age child, with absolute confidence and certainty. You will know what to do and what to say – in every situation.

For a detailed list of the videos covered in this module, please refer to the information on the right side of this page.

Course Information


New graduate


per month for 4 total payments
2 year of access



Intro Video

The Case History Form

Reviewing the  Case History Form 

Greeting the Parents

Taking the History 

Putting the parents mind at ease 

Examination of the baby – Introduction

The neurological examination of the baby

Screening orthopaedic examination of the baby

Spinal and Cranial examination of the infant

Examination of the toddler – Introduction 

The neurological examination of the toddler 

Spinal examination of the toddler 

Assessing for Dural Tension in the toddler 

Closing the first visit 

Final Section