Module 2 Adjustment of the Child

This module explores the adjustment of the child, and includes 3 units.

Each unit has their own individual continuing education hours.

Unit 1 Spinal Adjustment of the Child

This unit addresses that area of practice which is fundamental to what we do as chiropractors in our management of the paediatric patient: the spinal adjustment of the child.

With the help of 58 instructional videos, this module presents low impulse adjusting techniques for neonates and infants, as well as manual and drop piece adjusting for both the baby, as well as the toddler and older child. Perhaps most importantly, this module focusses on those aspects of paediatric adjusting that potentially are of most practical value for the family practitioner in private practice. For this reason, the techniques presented are of clinical value to both experienced chiropractors as well as new graduates and are both easy to learn and very importantly, easy to implement into your practice immediately. (15 CPD Hours)

Unit 2 Cranial Assessing and Adjusting of the Paediatric Patient

In the second unit of this module the cranial assessment and adjustment in the neonate and baby, as well as the toddler and older child is comprehensively addressed. The module is presented in both interactive ebook, and video format.

On completion of this unit, regardless of your current experience with cranial adjusting, you will have a clear understanding of the craniosacral rhythm, as well as a simple, straightforward, systematised approach to the assessment and treatment of cranial issues in the paediatric patient. (15 CPD Hours)

Unit 3 Upper and Lower Limb

The third unit in this module offers practical, easily implemented techniques, adjustments and management strategies for common paediatric subluxations and orthopaedic conditions involving the upper and lower limbs. These are techniques and strategies Dr. Glenn Maginness has personally used with great success throughout his career. Once again these are management strategies and techniques that can be seamlessly implemented into your practice immediately. (13 CPD Hours)

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This module has been accredited a total of 43 CPD Hours

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Unit 1 Spinal Adjusting

Unit 2 Cranial Adjusting

Unit 3 Adjustment of Upper and Lower Limb