Unit 01: Paediatrics 101

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In this very first month we begin your chiropractic paediatric journey by elevating your passion, your certainty and your knowledge in what you do in practice.

There is so much incredible content here! We have an awesome presentation which unpacks the importance of true ‘patient management’, by exploring the management of some real life patients. We have an interview with Elevate creator, Dr Glenn Maginness and well known Australian family wellness practitioner Dr Tony Rose. There are a couple of very interesting case studies which will begin to give you a feel for managing different age groups with diverse and wide-ranging conditions. The research component this month builds on your paediatric certainty and there is also a very interesting video/audio which looks at what it takes to be a truly successful family chiropractor. You will not want to miss this one, as it discusses how you can pay less tax! (Not the sort of tax that you are probably thinking…? )

Through all of this amazing content, the case studies, the research and the ‘bonus material’; we will elevate not only your passion and excitement to seeing more kids in practice, but your knowledge on why it is so important to continue to learn and upskill your management and adjustment skills within the chiropractic paediatric field.

This first month of information really will lay the foundation for the next 12 months of content.

What’s coming up next month?

Next month we will explore that absolutely essential component to building a busy and successful family wellness practice – The Child’s First Visit. We will discuss the specific and very important initial procedures and protocols involved in the child’s very first visit to your practice. This is full of ‘use on Monday’ information that will get you so much closer to being confident with your paediatric management, so get excited!


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