Unit 05: Spinal Examination of the Infant

This month we explore the Spinal Examination of the Infant including the presentation of multiple videos of the actual techniques being performed on real life patients. These videos are presented so that you can watch again and again, so that you can gain that confidence and certainty you need in a family practice. This is again a unit not to be missed. The information you will acquire and the skills you will learn, will take your paediatric patient management to a new level. So get excited!

What’s coming up next month?

Next month we will combine all of the examination procedures into one smooth, comprehensive step-by-step procedure. This system is the one that we use in practice, and it incorporates all aspects of clinically essential areas, performed in a manner where the emphasis is on collecting all the required information in a simple, fluid and time-efficient fashion. This is the month where we put everything together for you, so that you have the absolute confidence to see your first infant in practice. No doubts. No fears. No worries.


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