Unit 08: Spinal Examination of the Toddler

As promised, this month we take a deep dive into the Spinal Examination of the toddler and older child. This is really when the ‘rubber hits the road’. This unit will detail those procedures that you will perform a hundred… perhaps a thousand times in a year as you examine the many toddlers and older children that present to your practice. There is a really great discussion in the research section with again loads of videos, a case study looking at how to manage bow legs in a toddler, and some awesome questions answered in the FAQ’s.

So much great stuff, so jump in now!

What’s coming up next month?

Next month is devoted to that aspect of practice that is fundamental to what we do as chiropractors – the adjustment of the child. We explore the correct technique selection with the paediatric patient, as well as precise technique execution, and we also ask the very important question… ‘what is the ideal level of force you should apply with your paediatric chiropractic adjustment’?

Our case study next month relates the story of a 10 year old child with chronic lower back pain. This is a real life case that we can all certainly learn from.

So lots covered again, and loads to look forward to.


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