FAQ’s (Paediatrics 101)

Can I upgrade to the full program, Paediatric Excellence?

Absolutely you can! If at any point through your subscription to Paediatrics 101, you decide you would like to unlock EVERYTHING that Elevate Paediatrics has to offer, you can upgrade to our full program; Paediatric Excellence. This upgrade will be at a significantly discounted price as we acknowledge your commitment to excellence and we would like to support you in your paediatric journey.

Can I access all of the Paediatrics 101 content immediately rather than over a 48 week period?

Unfortunately, this is not an option for you with Paediatrics 101. We have specifically set up this program as a 48 week subscription based program, so that students and new grads are not overwhelmed with the content. Should you wish to dive into an enormous volume of amazing content all at once, then our Paediatric Excellence program may be just what you are after.

What other benefits are included in the Paediatrics 101 membership?

Make sure you sign up to our private Facebook community, where you will have access to support from all of us, plus loads of quality information including answers to clinical questions, case studies and interesting discussions on all things chiropractic paediatric. You will also receive exclusive invites to free webinars throughout your subscription.

As a Chiropractic student, when is the best time to sign up for the program?

This is a very common question that we get from students worldwide.  And the simple answer is that there is no ‘best time’. Everyone’s University and study journey is different. However, as a general rule, we find that this program is of most benefit for students in the final 2 years of their chiropractic course. And due to the step by step bite-size parcels of content provided by Paediatrics 101, we find that even the most time-challenged student always has the time to gain full value from the program.

Should you have graduated already, don’t be disheartened – you can still subscribe to Paediatrics 101! In fact, if you are a new grad., there is no better time than right now to enrol!

How long do I have the program for?

Your subscription to Paediatrics 101 runs for 12 months. Each Paediatrics 101 Unit will be released on a cycle of every 28 days. So every 4 weeks, you will gain access to a new unit and be billed on the day of that release. So the 12 units will essentially run over a 10 month period. However we are providing access to you for a full 12 months. So your membership extends for 2 months beyond the last day of the billing cycle. This means you have full access to the information for a full 12 months from your sign up date!

Can I access the content from previous months?

Absolutely! As each monthly unit appears, it will remain on your dashboard until your subscription ends, 12 months after your sign up date.

Should I have a clinical question, how do I contact you for help?

If you have any questions about the program, or indeed if you have any clinical questions, where you feel you may need some help with one of your little patients, you have a couple of options. Our private Elevate Paediatrics Facebook Group offers a platform where you can post a question to the group. We will constantly monitor the posts and contribute when we feel we would like to offer some input.  You can also email us at info@c4k.com.au  If we can answer via email we will, otherwise either Dr.Hayley or Dr.Breezy will call you – so always provide a mobile number in your email. Every day we get emails from chiropractors (from all over the world) about paediatric patients. It’s one of the things we love to do.

Can I download the material and store it on my computer?

No. All program content is available online through e-books and streaming videos. This material is not available to download to your computer. All material is covered by copyright and your professional integrity.

Are there Continuing Education Hours available for completing the program?

This is not a consideration for students as you do not need continuing education hours. For Chiropractors, we are planning for Paediatrics 101 to attract CE hours.

As a new program, at present this program is currently undergoing assessment by various Chiropractic Boards worldwide for Continuing Education Accreditation. This will involve a quiz at the completion of each unit, and the issuing of certificates to Chiropractors as proof of completion. We envisage this to be available for chiropractors in 2023.