This Program Just May Change How You Practice… Forever!

The 100% Online Program that will fast track your paediatric knowledge and adjusting skills.


Here at Elevate Paediatrics, we understand that often the two primary barriers to those who are wanting to build on their paediatric knowledge are:

  • Firstly, the cost!
  • And Secondly, not actually knowing where to start!

Well, Paediatrics 101 is your solution to this!

Paediatrics 101 is our brand new 12 month subscription based program, and is specifically designed to be both comprehensive, but also very affordable.

Register your interest today to go on the list to receive FULL ACCESS to this remarkable program as an Elevate Paediatrics ‘Foundation Member’ for only A$59.95 (~US$42) per month for 12 months. (That’s way less than the cost of a coffee a day!)

That’s a saving of over 25% on the normal price of $79.95 (~US$56) per month.

This is your one and only chance to gain access to Paediatrics 101 at this price – once the program is officially launched in June, the price will be, a still very affordable, $79.95 (~US$56).

Paediatrics 101 provides an enormous amount of content which is delivered monthly for 12 months in manageable bite-size units. This allows the student or new graduate to progress through the program without feeling overwhelmed or swamped with too much information.

This content, in the form of numerous demonstration videos, interactive e-books, multiple real-life case studies, all supported by a large assortment of study notes and document downloads, will elevate your knowledge, your skills and your passion when seeing kids in practice.

At the end of the 12 monthly units, you will be confident and competent with managing kids with a level of paediatric certainty that you would not have believed possible just one year earlier!

With new content released monthly, this program will provide you with your step-by-step solution to seeing kids in practice. This includes: the paediatric initial consultation, red flags in children, the neurological, orthopaedic and spinal examination of the infant and toddler. And of course, that aspect of practice that is fundamental to what we do, the spinal adjustment of the child.

Each month we will release not only awesome content for you to work through and absorb, but every month there will also be real life case studies, ensuring your paediatric learning is both practical and clinically relevant. Each month there is also research discussions, a video where we discuss the frequently asked questions relevant to that months topic. In addition to this there is also every month an exciting ‘bonus content’ that will focus on elevating your passion, and broadening your knowledge on specifically how to see more children and build a successful family practice.

As we have said, as this is a new release program, for a limited time – before our launch date – you have the opportunity to become an Elevate Paediatrics “Foundation member” where you can sign up to the program at a significantly reduced monthly cost, for the entire 12 months! From June 1st, this program will be $79 (~US$56) per month – for 12 months. If you sign up now as a Foundation Member you will only pay $59 (~US$42) per month… that’s less than $2  (~US$1.40) per day! And that’s for the entire 12 months at that discounted rate!

Click on the link here to register your interest to be an Elevate Paediatrics Foundation Member. You will receive an email prior to the official launch allowing you to sign up at this significant saving.

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