Elevate Paediatrics presents

The 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion

October 19 – 20th, Kingscliff NSW

Feeling unsure about adjusting infants and children?
Struggling to attract families to your practice?
No procedures or scripting for paediatric care in your practice?

Join us at the Paediatric Excellence Immersion where the Elevate Paediatrics team share insights, techniques, and strategies to confidently provide safe and effective care for your youngest patients, empowering your practice to thrive.

The Elevate Paediatrics 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion being held in Kingscliff, NSW on October 19th and 20th, is a unique opportunity for chiropractors looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in paediatric care.

What other Chiropractors (just like you)
are saying about the 2023 Paediatric Excellence Immersion

Wondering if this Seminar is for you?

The enormous success of the 2023 Paediatric Immersion, evidenced by the numerous glowing reviews, has fuelled the evolution and expansion of the 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion.

  • This is a unique opportunity for the experienced chiropractor to establish him/herself as the Paediatric and Family Chiropractor in their community.
  • This weekend is also a significant opportunity for students and new graduates to hit the ground running, as they embark on their career, with a certainty and confidence in their management of infants and children that will almost guarantee family practice success.

The highlights of the 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion include:

  • Infant and Toddler Examinations and Adjusting:
    This weekend will focus on those specific low force adjusting techniques, of both infants and toddlers, that will allow you to create the best clinical outcome for your patients, while remaining 100% board compliant. The 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion is designed to elevate your knowledge, skills, and passion in paediatric care, offering ‘use-on-Monday’ systems, techniques, adjustments, and procedures.
  • Business Growth:
    Participants will learn how to create a hugely successful business through seeing more kids and families, from those who have done just this!
  • Experienced Instruction:
    Drawing on over 50 years of combined experience in the profession, the Elevate Paediatrics Team aims to equip chiropractors and students with the solutions to overcome the barriers that are potentially limiting the number of kids and families you see in practice while at the same time, transforming chiropractors into confident and successful family practitioners.
  • Improved Clinical Outcomes:
    Attendees will have the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on the children they see in their practice, through achieving better clinical outcomes.
  • Management Strategies for Pregnant Patients:
    The 2024 Paediatric Excellence Experience will also walk you through a structured management strategy for every pregnant patient you see. A strategy that will guarantee a great result with that family every time.

The 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion will demonstrate…

  • 7 simple, safe and extremely effective low force spinal and cranial adjustments for toddlers and infants – techniques that will raise the bar with your paediatric adjusting that are 100% board compliant!
  • How to maximise your ‘bottom line’ through seeing kids and families.
  • The step-by-step process to building an enormously successful business with families as your focus.
  • The 3 ‘non-negotiables’ to building and running a successful paediatric or family practice.
  • How to conduct a time efficient and clinically relevant Child’s First Visit
  • A simple and effective management strategy for every pregnant patient you see.
  • The one ridiculously simple cranial adjustment that will guarantee better clinical outcomes with the infants you see in practice.
  • The 8 Step-10 minute Infant Examination.
  • How a simple 30 minute workshop can create potentially create hundreds of new patients (of all ages) for your practice.
  • How to confidently schedule a child to achieve the very best clinical outcome.
  • The case discussions and management of real-life patients which bring together all of your learnings.

At the newly expanded 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion you will also learn…

Strategies for

Attracting, Retaining and Converting

paediatric patients and their families including…

  • Internal and External Marketing procedures.
  • The importance of holding Paediatric ‘Special Appointments’.
  • Paediatric Scripting for both chiropractors and CA’s.
  • Creating your dream clinic and team.
  • Strategies to transform your practice into a ‘Referral Magnet’.

The 2024 Paediatric Excellence Immersion will also include the tried and tested family practice success essentials, including…

  • Practical tools to implement Monday morning that will show measurable changes to your practice in days, not weeks.
  • How to create the ‘It’s normal for children to be adjusted’ mindset within your clinic and within your community.
  • The research that supports what you do.
  • How to address the safety issue with parents.
  • How to handle the difficult child.
  • How to handle the difficult parent.
  • Creating in you, the Knowledge, the Belief and the Passion to build the family practice of your dreams.

What other Chiropractors (just like you)
are saying about the 2023 Paediatric Excellence Immersion

Additional Seminar Information

October 19/20th Kingscliff
Location: Mantra on Saltbeach
Gunnamatta Avenue, Kingscliff NSW 2487
Accomodation Discount code available after registration

Registration: Sat. 8.30— 9am
Seminar: Sat. 9am — 6pm
Sun. 9am — 1.30pm

(Morning and afternoon tea provided)

12 Hours Continuing Education
(An attendance certificate will be provided for all attendees)


Early Bird:
Purchase on or before October 1st 2024

Chiropractor: $1195
Student / 1st Year Graduate*: $595
*less than 12 months since initial AHPRA registration

Full Fee:
Registration from 1st October 2024

Chiropractor: $1395
Student / 1st Year Graduate*: $795
*less than 12 months since initial AHPRA registration

For more information email our team: info@c4k.com.au

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